Learn how arbitrage betting can help you profit every month tax-free (even if you work 9-5)

I’m Max.

Since 2014, I’ve successfully made my living from beating the bookies at their own game using arbitrage betting and other methods. I can teach you step-by-step how to do exactly the same thing even if you’re a complete beginner. But first, I’m sure you’d like to hear my story - I’ll make it brief.

Max - Betslayer Co-founder


I graduated from Cardiff University with no idea what I wanted to do with my life. We’ve all been there - Lost, directionless & confused. It was at this point that I distracted myself from the doom and gloom by becoming obsessed with the Brazil World Cup. I started betting on the matches but kept on losing money leaving me even more depressed. Out of this frustration I started researching ways to cover all outcomes of the match and still make a profit. I found out this was possible because the online bookmaker space is so competitive that bookies always try to undercut their competition and have the best odds. I stumbled across a method called arbitrage betting that exploited these differences in odds to make a guaranteed profit of around 3-10% no matter what the outcome - Like that, my arbitrage betting career started!



I suddenly had enough money to start enjoying life more and treated myself to exotic holidays in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Croatia. I also moved to a beautiful flat in Marylebone London!



At this point I had turned my knowledge about arbitrage betting into a piece of sure-bets software we nicknamed “The Betslayer” which highlighted opportunities earned me and my friends a lot of money. It was at this point that I began being known in the betting community for my ability to beat the bookies. This led to overwhelming interest in “The Betslayer” software. I decided to open it up as a business with a friend, we dropped the “The” and opened betslayer.com. Our mission: To help 100,000 people earn £10,000,000 from bookies risk-free by 2020 using arbitrage betting.


An example of an arbitrage bet found by Betslayer - £10 profit in 10s!

In an MMA Fight:

Miocic to win has odds 1.91 at bookmaker Coral

Dos Santos to win has odds 2.62 at bookmaker William Hill.

We’ve used an arb calculator to work out the right stakes for each outcome with a total stake of £85.

This is an example of an 12.4% - 7.9% profit arb. In this example, a draw results in the stakes being returned (draw no bet).

Stake Bookie Outcome A Outcome B
£50 Coral 1.91 x £50 = £95.5 (+£10.5)
£35 WHill 2.62 x £35 = £91.70 (+£6.70)

If you place £50 on Coral for Miocic to win and £35 on William Hill for Dos Santos to win, you have placed a total of £85.

The different outcomes of the event are:

If Miocic wins, your return will be a total of £95.50

(1.91 x £50=£95.50).

If Dos Santos wins, your return will be a total of £91.70

(2.62 x £35=£91.70).

This means that you will profit £10.50 or £6.70 depending on who wins, but whatever happens you make a profit.


We turned into a community passionate about their secret second income. We had a vision for an arbitrage betting software that you don’t have to be a computer wizard to use and has world class content and support to make learning the ropes easy. Our Arbitrage betting community is not for everybody though…


You must be:

  • Disciplined and consistent
  • Not have a “get rich quick” mentality
  • Be willing to put in a couple hours a day for the first couple of weeks to learn the ropes

If that sounds like you then it would be great to have you onboard and part of the community. I appreciate you taking the time to read about my journey, I look forward to helping you create the same freedom.

That’s why i’m offering you a free 7-day Betslayer trial to help you get started risk-free. Simply click the link below to get started.

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