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Last Updated: 01 March 2020

All content on the servers and website is the sole property of Betslayer a trading name from S.T.I Ltd, registered in the United Kingdom, company number 110 984 51.

We (Betslayer) hereafter referred to as “we”.

We reserve the right to amend the any of our policies, without notice, at any given time. The latest version of the terms will always be available at https://betslayer.com/terms.

By using the service or interacting with the site in any way you agree to the terms and conditions stated on this page.

We do not guarantee the content we provide surrounding Arbitrage Betting is correct nor do we take responsibility for any errors or loss of earnings or bookmaker account limitation that may occur as a result of following our advice.

We are not responsible for any loss of earnings that may occur when using our service even if they were due to our software displaying incorrect odds or calculating incorrect arbitrage opportunities. Even though we try our hardest to ensure false arbs or false odds do not show up on the sure bets section sometimes this can happen. We are not responsible for the loss of earnings that may results because of these errors. Always double check your bets.

Again, we guarantee nothing in terms of the accuracy of our odds & markets.

Betslayer is not a gambling operator. We are not responsible for any bets you place even if they are using links in our service. It is the user’s (your) responsibility to comply with the specific bookmakers terms & conditions, we are not responsible for anything you do on bookmakers websites.

There may be interruptions to usage of the service due to technical reasons that may arise. In the case the service interruption lasts longer than 12 hours we will provide you with 2 days extra added onto your subscription for free in lieu of the lost hours.

New Betslayer subscriptions are covered by our Profit Guarantee: If you don’t make a profit in your first month, you’ll get another month for free. You can redeem this by emailing team@betslayer.com.

First time customers are entitled to a 7-days free trial of the Betslayer Software.

Customers may pause their account a maximum of 3 times in a 12 month period for up to 2 months at a time. You may transfer your subscription to another person once per year.

You (The User) can cancel your subscription by either : 1 – emailing team@betslayer.com 2 – cancelling from your account dashboard settings

We (betslayer) reserve the right to choose who we do business with. We can cancel your subscription for any reason at any time if we believe you have breached our terms and conditions or believe you have engaged in activity that we believe in unacceptable.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom.

These terms and conditions is subject to change without prior notice at the discretion of Betslayer and can be accessed on this page.

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