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Betslayer has helped thousands of people win at the bookies every time. We do this by finding you bets you can’t lose called “Arbitrage bets”.

  • Dozens of 5-10% ROI Bets Daily
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  • Like Matched Betting on steroids!

How Does It Work?

Betslayer Process

01 Find Opportunities Easily

Betslayer compares bookmakers and highlights dozens of opportunities for guaranteed profit. We even calculate your stakes too so it leaves nothing to chance.

02 Bet With Confidence

Our free training has helped thousands of people get started with “arb betting”, our step by step process will get you profits from day 1.

03 Earn 3-8% Every Time

You profit regardless of outcome and earn great returns on every bet. Our software handles calculations for you so you can bet with confidence.

04 Cash Out/Reinvest Your Earnings

You wont find a guaranteed 10-20% return on investment anywhere but here, then cash out or compound your interest for even greater returns.

We compare 30+ bookies

We aggregate data from these bookies to help us find arbitrage opportunities.

An arbitrage opportunity is when you are guaranteed a profit no matter what outcome happens.

We calculate the stakes you need to place and refresh our software in real-time to make life easy for you

Maximilian Seibel
The Betslayer software is so simple, it's so easy to use. I was shocked at how quickly I started finding great arbs and making money.

Maximilian SeibelBirmingham, England

Chris Briggs
I wasn't too sure about Arb betting but after finding out more via google and the Betslayer email list I decided to give it a go, as a complete beginner i've now made £101.30 profit in my first week.

Chris BriggsExeter, England

Joseph Alex
You're software is incredible. Not only do I now win at the bookies every time, but my ROI is 10x what my bank would offer.

Joseph AlexLondon, England

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✓ A quick introduction to Arb betting video.

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