Sure Bets

What is Sure Betting?

Sure Betting is a form of betting that allows you to make a profit every time you bet; this is because you are sure betting on every single outcome. Sometimes known as arbitrage betting, sure betting is the process of placing a bet on different outcomes with separate bookmakers. The sure bet method is where you place a bet on each possible outcome with a mathematical advantage, therefore the outcome of the surebet is guaranteed. The winning bets will cover the losing bets with a small profit. Hence, a “sure bet”.

What Does a Surebet Look Like?

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal faced off in the Wimbledon Final. You are looking to place a sure bet on this event. We know that there can only be two outcomes: Djovokic wins or Nadal wins the match, there is no draw. If the odds of two bookmakers are in our favour we might get a scenario like this:

AmountNetSure Bet
PlayerBookieOddsWagerReturnedWinnings% win

Types of Sure Bets

2-way surebet

This is a form of sure bet where you distribute bets with two bookies. 2-way sure bets are useful when betting on sports with only two possible outcomes e.g., Tennis

3-way surebet

3-way sure bets are where you spread bets between three bookmakers. This type of bet is ideal for sports where is there is three possible outcomes, like football.

Using Betslayer to Find Sure Bets

Our sure bet software systems will give you real-time arbitrage opportunities on placing the surebets, making sure that you don’t miss any profits when sure betting . The rapid server enables us to gain up-to-date odds from a range of bookmakers, allowing us to contrast and compare to seek the sure bet. Taking advantage of our in-depth user friendly tool will allow you to place the surebet without having to do the groundwork.

Is Sure Betting Legal?

Sure betting is 100% a legal process, however, bookmakers, oppose surebets because they don’t want to lose money. Bookies that deem you to be sure betting may block you from using their betting services again.

Ready to Make Some Money with Sure Bets?

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