Noorul Islam's Testimonial

I am Noorul I am 27 years old, working at NHS, from London. My hobbies include playing football and watching
any kind of sports on tele!

How I started arbitrage betting
I have been interested in sports betting. I have been a member of Betslayer for just over 6 months. Been really
good! Betslayer keeps on improving and makes it so much easier for me to place bets and find out what bets are
available. I just look at my phone every now and then and whenever a bet is on, takes me literally 2 minutes to put them in. Then I just relax knowing that I’ve made some profit. I usually do 3-4 a day.

Profit I made
Definitely made a difference. The money I made through arb betting meant, I spent! The money I got though employment, I saved. Currently saved quite a bit as I used
the arb profits for going out + bills.

Thoughts on the tool
Betslayer is a complete tool for arbing. Everything is there in front of you and all you need to do is click and place bet and... that’s it. Simple. The thing I didn’t like - arbs with bet limits. You don’t really know which events have a low bet limit so you need to go on the bookie site and find out through various means.

Advice to people that are thinking aboutstarting arbitrage betting
Check out Max's videos. If you think it’s too good to be true, then don’t worry because it’s really simple and it’s actually true. I made a killing after the initial month of learning to use the software. Arbing is a great way to have extra money! Use small stakes to get familiar with the software. Find your bet limits. I usually use Marathonbet to check bet you what the bet max is and then I use that as an indicator f.

Always have both bookies side by side before placing bets. I created a similar spreadsheet to Max to keep track of my profits. I found that having it on excel helps as the Betslayer profit tracker is difficult to tally up how much you’ve made each day or each month. So making your own spreadsheet is a must.