Breaking Exclusive Plan

BetSlayer offers two plans, the Premium plan and the Exclusive plan.  


The Premium plan is great to start arbing and identifying surebets. The Premium plan offers you:

  • All of BetSlayer’s arbs with a return up to 20%
  • Over 50 bookmakers
  • Thousands of Arbs or surebets every month.
  • The ability to filter bookmakers, events and markets
  • A mixture of soft and sharp bookmakers
  • Ability to adjust your variables like exchange commissions, rounding
  • BetSlayer’s How to Guide
  • The new and improved Profit Tracker


The Exclusive plan is unbelievable and unrivaled in the arbing community.

We used our own experience and listened to our experienced arbers to come up with a plan tailored for the serious arber.  The biggest complaint from our customers is that the odds at the bookies change before I can get there.

That can happen for two reasons:

  • Our customers don’t get the arb in a timely manner.  So, they miss the arb altogether
  • Other BetSlayer customers already went to the bookmakers and placed the bets for that side of the arb.  When there is enough activity on one side of a bet, the bookmakers will adjust their odds.

To solve for these two issues, we are introducing the exclusive plan.  In the exclusive plan, you get everything from the premium plan plus two very important features:

  • When a new arb meets your criteria (i.e. your bookies and above a % return like 5% or 7%), you will receive a whatsapp notification. 
  • You get to designate 3 bookmakers that are exclusive to you and up to 5 other BetSlayer Exclusive customers.  This limits the activity at the bookmaker so lines stay longer.

Some members of the Exclusive plan could get a bookmaker all to themselves.  Plus, they can easily set up whatsapp notifications.

Ready to get serious?

Use promo code to make your first month of the exclusive plan £99