Make £125 Every Week Arbing

What is Arbing betting?

Arbing takes advantage of the high competition in odds between online bookmakers.

When bookmakers odds vary enough we can bet on all outcomes of the event and win a profit of around 2-10% no matter what.

This may seem like a small return of £2-10 at first but over time this can lead to great profits.

Arbitrage is similar to matched betting but instead of using free bets to get a risk-free profit it uses the natural variation in odds instead.

Arbitrage betting has been dubbed as “the only way to make constant profit” in sports betting and there are thousands of people who regularly arb because it is typically a far better way to invest money than a bank.

How does it work?

Example - You bet on a football match: Swansea v Wolves

The odds for both teams to score are 2.6

The odds for both teams not to score are 1.75

To break down what is shown in the table:

  • If both teams score, your return will be a total of £104 (2.6 x £40=£104) = £4 profit
  • If both teams don't score, your return will be a total of £105 (1.75 x £60=£105) = £5 profit

No matter what happens we make a profit.

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