Vicki Magnusson's Testimonial

I am 35 yrs old and from Liverpool and currently, I am a stay at home mum of two. I have a bachelor degree in Zoology and a Masters degree. I have worked my whole life in various jobs and before I had my son I worked
simultaneously as a veterinary nurse and student support worker at Plymouth University. I don't get much time to myself to do any hobbies at the moment but I am currently starting up my own website which I am really

How I started arbitrage betting
 I have never really been interested in sports betting but while I am on maternity leave I was looking for ways I could make money online. I did matched betting for a month or so and then tried trading bets on Betfair for a bit but it was too risky. I then read about sports arbitrage on Betfair and went on to do the free trials given out by a lot of the other big companies. To be honest I didn't know/understand all the handicaps so it put me off placing any bets. I then found Betslayer. It was by far the easiest of all the arbing software to use and is so simple for beginners to understand. I spent maybe an hour a day doing arbing and would have spent more if I had the time.

Profit I made
I started off slow at first but at my peak when I still had all my bookies I could make £20 a day off 1 hour of work. I loved it but as I lost bookies the opportunities became fewer. When I stopped I was still making £5 a day but felt that I was going to get limited by every bookie very soon. I made around £400 in total but lost some off a mistake. I am very happy as its £400 I didn't have and it will pay for my website for several more months.

Thoughts on the tool
I loved how the software is so simple and the arbs that come up are easy to understand (no strange handicaps). The calculator is great and you can adjust your stake to win whatever the outcome. I loved that it took you through to the bookies page straight from the selected arb and often it enters the bet into the slip for you. Only thing I didn't really like was the tracking tool. After a few weeks I would need to go in 10 pages or so to find my recent arbs and select the results. In the end I gave up.

Advice to people that are thinking about starting arbitrage betting
Give it a go. It is a lot of fun and easy money in your spare time. Even if you only earn beer money its still something. If you have a large amount to invest (£1000) from the start and you have the time, your pot could build up very quickly. Be careful what markets and events you bet on. I placed a lot of silly bets during the beginning of the week which probably got me limited. One or two strange leagues or markets and you will be spotted. Also don't consistently use one bookie, even if you are losing to them. The first 2 bookies I got limited by was Marathon bet and Betfair and I was actually down with Betfair £100 or so and only up 95p with Marathon. It didn't matter. I was
placing lots of bets and they figured at some point I was going to start winning. I would say even if you are down at a bookie still throw some mug bets. If you are winning lots of money at one bookie then try and do a mug bet to win all your money over to an exchange. Then reload your site with what looks like fresh money. If I were to do it all again I would know how to avoid being grubbed and my accounts would last a little longer for sure. Also make sure you use profit tracker or a custom spreadsheet to track