Bankroll Management: Maximizing Profits in College Football Betting

Intro to Betting Within Your Means

The National Collegiate Athletic Association Football (NCAAF) and the National Football Association (NFL) are two of the biggest sports leagues in the United States. However, the NCAAF, comprising collegiate football stars, has larger fanbases than the NFL, which football professionals play.

With spectators distributed across 60-70 collegiate football teams participating in the NCAAF, it is not surprising that the league holds one of the biggest betting markets in the country. If you are one of many college alumni or just avid football fans who support college football, we have some bankroll management tips to maximize your wins in NCAAF betting!

Track your bets

The second tip is always to keep a betting record. This is advice that expert bettors would always tell the newbies. More than just monitoring NCAAF live odds, other things you have to keep in your record are the betting amounts, the bookmakers you use for your bets, the types of bets you would mostly win or lose, and the loss and profit for each bet.

This way, you can identify a pattern based on your betting activities, which will help you decide if you will have to tweak your betting strategy or replicate the strategy you have employed on a bet you won. It’s a sure way to identify if your betting strategies are working or not.

Bet an amount you can afford to lose

This tip is always top on the list of every bankroll management guide for bettors across different sports. Betting, regardless of the market size and nature, involves the risk of losing money. There is no need to complicate things. It may sound easier than done, but no serious bettor would wish to close the bookmaker without any earnings.

Only dedicate 3% of your bankroll to a single bet when you engage in betting. Never go beyond this limit. There will be times when you will be all excited to increase your bet after a winning streak, and there will be moments when you will want to go all in as you aim to cope with the lost funds after a loss streak. However, you must stick to the 3% maximum rule so you won’t lose all your money in your savings account.

Choose a reliable bookmaker

In big sports betting markets like the NFL or the NCAAF, it is essential for you to pick credible and high-rated bookmakers. Of course, you won’t want to deposit money in some shady betting website that will never pay you for the bets you win. Don’t just randomly pick bookmakers, ask other bettors and evaluate their recommendations. You may also join forums and groups exclusive to NCAAF bettors. This way, you can ask questions and get multiple responses from fellow bettors.

If you are new to NCAAF betting, ask what bookmaker is recommended for newbies. Besides asking around, checking their legal documents to operate is also advisable. You can find certifications or licenses through their website or by asking through their customer service. You can also simply look at the website footer and check if there’s a license number displayed in that section.

Enjoy Small Wins

The NCAAF is one of the most significant sports leagues in the country, and it is just normal to feel pressured about winning big in this market. However, there will consistently be winning and losing seasons. You must accept that this is how sports betting works.

If you win small, do not get discouraged. Small wins in NCAAF betting are still wins, after all. And if you win big, do not get too complacent.

Many new bettors would fall into the trap of betting large amounts to earn hefty payouts. However, this strategy fails for long-term betting. Winning, no matter how big or small, is proof that a specific strategy works. And if you are just starting out, it can be smart to spend little by little to test out strategies until you get a hold of the best approach.

Do not bet on your emotions

Betting on the NCAAF is a long journey. Of course, your target is to see your favorites through the finals. With such a long series of matches, there will be times when you will get overwhelmed with emotions. Just keep in mind that losing is part of any game, especially betting. With experience, you will eventually get used to the feeling of losing, and you won’t have to be impulsive on your succeeding bets after losing plays.

In addition, keep in mind that losing can push you off track to the winning path. So, do your best to avoid snap betting and continuously practice to evaluate your betting decisions.


Everything we have covered in this guide is also the same things that betting pros will most likely tell you. You can master these bankroll management skills by practicing them while you are a newbie, so they will be more like a routine than just short-lived strategies when you start betting big.

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