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2024 March Madness: Betting Tips, Prediction and Odds

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March Madness is Here

The 2024 March Madness is fast approaching, and many newbies and veteran bettors are now at the edge of their seats. That said, you should know the critical factors in betting for March Madness, whether you are a new or a veteran.

So, without further ado, let us review the betting odds, a few tips, and predictions for the 2024 March Madness.

2024 March Madness Betting Odds
Following the odds is vital When betting on sporting events like March Madness. Betting odds is an excellent tool for knowing an oddsmaker’s opinion in a sporting event. That’s why if you plan to bet on the 2024 March Madness, you should stay up to date with the latest odds of each team as they battle their way to the March Madness.

Below are the latest odds of the 2024 March Madness.
● Connecticut Huskies +500
● Houston Cougars +700
● Purdue Boilermakers +750
● Arizona Wildcats +1200
● Tennessee Volunteers +1200
● Duke Blue Devils +2300
● North Carolina Tar Heels +2300
● Auburn Tigers +2500
● Creighton Bluejays +2500
● Marquette Golden Eagles +2500
● Illinois Fighting Illini +2500
● Alabama Crimson Tide +3000
● Iowa State Cyclones +3000
● Baylor Bears +3000
● Kansas Jayhawks +3000

Betting Tips For The 2024 March Madness
Aside from staying updated with the recent odds, it would help if you learned some betting tips. Doing so increases your chance of winning and profiting from your NCAA Basketball betting journey. So, without further ado, let’s review some betting tips you should remember when placing your bet for this year’s March Madness.

Tip 1: Set A Limit For Yourself
The number one tip you should remember when betting on sports like the NCAA Basketball Tournament is to set a limit for yourself. Having a solid bankroll will help you adhere to this limit.

Make sure to set your bankroll with the amount that you can afford to lose, but enough that you will enjoy your March Madness betting experience. Once you have set the limit, stick with it and try not to go overboard.

Tip 2: Choose The Right Betting Types
In sports betting, you will encounter various betting types to choose from. As part of your March Madness betting strategy, you should choose the suitable betting types according to your betting experience.

Remember that some betting types are more complicated to understand than others. Therefore, if you are new to March Madness betting, choose the most straightforward betting type, such as the money line bets.

Money line bets are where you place your money on the team you think will win in a basketball match. For instance, if you think the Cougars will win, you should place your bet on their money line. If they win, you win. If the Cougars lose, you lose. Moreover, familiarize yourself with betting types to know which suits you best.

Tip 3: Do Your Research
You should research enough if you aim to win on your March Madness bet—research about each team to know how they perform throughout the season and even in the last season. Looking up a trustworthy College Basketball Guide can significantly improve your chances of winning. Researching will also help you know if a team has an injured key player, which could significantly impact their chances of winning.

Tip 4: Don’t Bet With Your Emotions
It would help if you learned to put your emotions aside to be a successful bettor. It’s normal to have favorites. We all do. However, to profit from March Madness betting, you should bet with your brain, not your heart.

If your favorite team doesn’t have a great chance of winning a match, you can always choose to bet on the other team. Remember, your team won’t win all the time. There will be times when they won’t stand a chance. So, bet wisely.

2024 March Madness Prediction
We are in the final week of the College Basketball Men’s Division regular season, and the hype for March Madness is up to the roof. Predictions are starting to emerge, especially those made by popular sports analysts or forecasters.

Prediction works like a guide for bettors like you to help you know who will likely win a sporting event. However, whether you will follow these predictions or your intuition is still up to you.

One of the predictions that are circulating online is from Mike DeCourcy, a Sports bracket forecaster from FOX. According to DeCourcy, Arizona, Houston, Purdue, and UConn will remain on the top line. It’s worth noting that these four mentioned teams were successful in the past week.

He also noted that Iowa State, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Marquette will make it to the No. 2 seeds. Meanwhile, Alabama, Baylor, Kansas, and Duke will be on line 3.

You must look into these teams when you do your research and look into their performances. With the data you’ll gather and the guidance of the 2024 March Madness predictions, you’ll further increase your chance of winning your bet.

Final Thoughts
Now that you know the essential factors in March Madness betting, you are ready and well-equipped with the correct information. As a result, you will increase your chances of winning and profiting from your 2024 March Madness Bet.

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Go Arb Yourself!

How to makes some quick scratch by easily identifying an arbitrage opportunity.

As many of you know, sports gambling arbitrage can be a risk-free proposition to make a some scratch.  Will you be able to stop working and do this for a living?  Probably not. But, sure bets are a fun way to beat the bookies at their own game. As a reminder, arbing or sure bets are when the odds for a particular event are different enough at two different bookies that you can place a wager on each side of the bet and make a small profit regardless of the outcome. Two of the better companies at identify arbing opportunities are

Rebel Betting (Free 15 day trial)

Bet Burger (Free sure bets up to 1% ROI)

In the below post, we walk through how you can identify your own arbs quickly and somewhat under the radar. If you’d rather watch a video on how it’s done check it out below:
Go Arb Yourself in action

Most bookies offer promotions.  These promotions vary.  They could boost your parlay odds, offer parlay insurance, odds boosts and single game percentage increases.  To arb yourself, you will occasionally see single game odds boosts. Draftkings is great at offering these boosts. Lately, with college basketball heating up, we’ve seen a lot of “Clash on the Courts” boosts.  These boosts offer 50% increase in odds. For example, on Feb 6, 2024, Ole Miss is playing at U. Of South Carolina (“SC”). The moneyline at Draftkings is

Ole Miss +136

SC -162

So, if you apply the 50% boost token to SC, it changes their moneyline odds from -162 to -112.  Since the odds are -160, Draftkings gives you 50% of 100 or 50. So, -162 + 50 = -112.

Draftkings like all bookies will limit the amount you can bet on promotions. This type of bet usually has a $10, $25, $50 or $100 bet limit. $25 is the most common limit. Now, the bet is

 $25 on SC at -112 odds. So, 25 makes $22.32

How do we know there is an arb opportunity?  Since the boosted odds on SC are -112 and at draftkings the odds for Ole Miss is +136. We can place an immediate bet on Ole Miss and make money.

WARNING! With a boost don’t place an immediate bet on the other side at the same bookie. That’s a BIG NO NO!

So, we go look at other bookies. I checked FanDuel’s odds and a stroke of good luck, the odds for Ole Miss are +142 which is even better than draftkings.

Now, for some trial and error.  We need to figure out the amount to bet to make a sure bet.   If we place a $25 bet that makes $35.50 on Ole Miss, then if SC wins, we will lose money ($25 loss on Ole Miss less a $22.32 gain on SC equals a $2.68 loss.

If we place a $15 bet that makes $21.30 on Ole Miss, then if Ole Miss wins, we will lose money ($25 loss on SC less $21.30 win on Ole Miss equals a $3.70 loss. 

So, somewhere between $15 to $25 on Ole Miss will help us find the sweet spot.  In this scenario, if we place a $19.55 bet that makes $27.76.  Then, we have a perfect arbitrage position.

If SC wins, we win $22.32 on SC and lose $19.55 on Ole Miss which makes us a net $2.77 profit.

If Ole Miss wins, we win $27.76 on Ole miss and lose $25 on SC which makes us a net $2.76.

While the win amount isn’t huge dollars, sometimes it is good to just take the win.  This is especially true on a game that you have no idea of the outcome.  So, you might as well make a couple of bucks of the promotion to help fund other bets. 

As always, arbing, sure bets and gambling is for fun.  Please play responsibly and never chase your bets. As a follow up to this article, BetSlayer is showing how to arb yourself with a “goal in the first ten” or GIFT. 

I hope you enjoy these tips on maximizing your return at the bookies.  Remember gambling is supposed to be fun.  Always play responsibly.  Never get in over your head or bet money you aren’t willing to lose.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

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Happy Threesday

As reminder, play responsibly, never chase your bets and seek help if you feel like you have a problem.

Hello BetSlayers.  In today’s video, I want to highlight one of my favorite bets from Draftkings.  The Threesday.  The Threesday is a great and fun opportunity to hit a big return with little risk.

The Threesday promotion revolves around the player who makes the first three pointer in their NBA game.  While as a stand alone bet, I probably would never play a first three pointer made.  I find it too random.  But, a Threesday promotion allows you to earn a free bet in the game up to your original play.

Let’s dive into the details.

Of course, log into your Draftkings account.  The first thing I do is check out the rewards section and click on the “Promos”.    I scroll through the different promos.  Some I will play later, but the Threesday caught my eye.  

Let’s look at the details.  Any NBA game on 2/8,  bet is up to $25.  Here’s the great part.  If I win or lose the first three pointer bet, Draftkings will still give me a bonus bet equal to $1 for every three pointer made in that game up to $25.  To me this is great.  I get a free chance at hitting a bet and a bonus bet as much as $25.  If I lose, I get a bonus that’s most likely $25.

Next, I opt into the promotion and it takes me to the first three pointers for all games on Feb. 8th.  There are a variety of games to choose from.  But, for today’s Threesday, I’m going to the Suns – Jazz game.  I like Kevin Durant as a good three point shooter and at +600 odds seems like its worth it.  So, I place my bet on Durant where if Durant makes the first three pointer in that game I will win $150 on a $25 bet.  But, the great part here is that win or lose the Durant bet, I will still receive a bonus bet for the number of three pointers made in the game up to $25.  

Let’s go Kevin Durant!

Check out the video below where I walk you through this process at Draftkings.

Happy Threesday

I hope you enjoy these tips on maximizing your return at the bookies.  Remember gambling is supposed to be fun.  Always play responsibly.  Never get in over your head or bet money you aren’t willing to lose.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

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Bankroll Management: Maximizing Profits in College Football Betting

Intro to Betting Within Your Means

The National Collegiate Athletic Association Football (NCAAF) and the National Football Association (NFL) are two of the biggest sports leagues in the United States. However, the NCAAF, comprising collegiate football stars, has larger fanbases than the NFL, which football professionals play.

With spectators distributed across 60-70 collegiate football teams participating in the NCAAF, it is not surprising that the league holds one of the biggest betting markets in the country. If you are one of many college alumni or just avid football fans who support college football, we have some bankroll management tips to maximize your wins in NCAAF betting!

Track your bets

The second tip is always to keep a betting record. This is advice that expert bettors would always tell the newbies. More than just monitoring NCAAF live odds, other things you have to keep in your record are the betting amounts, the bookmakers you use for your bets, the types of bets you would mostly win or lose, and the loss and profit for each bet.

This way, you can identify a pattern based on your betting activities, which will help you decide if you will have to tweak your betting strategy or replicate the strategy you have employed on a bet you won. It’s a sure way to identify if your betting strategies are working or not.

Bet an amount you can afford to lose

This tip is always top on the list of every bankroll management guide for bettors across different sports. Betting, regardless of the market size and nature, involves the risk of losing money. There is no need to complicate things. It may sound easier than done, but no serious bettor would wish to close the bookmaker without any earnings.

Only dedicate 3% of your bankroll to a single bet when you engage in betting. Never go beyond this limit. There will be times when you will be all excited to increase your bet after a winning streak, and there will be moments when you will want to go all in as you aim to cope with the lost funds after a loss streak. However, you must stick to the 3% maximum rule so you won’t lose all your money in your savings account.

Choose a reliable bookmaker

In big sports betting markets like the NFL or the NCAAF, it is essential for you to pick credible and high-rated bookmakers. Of course, you won’t want to deposit money in some shady betting website that will never pay you for the bets you win. Don’t just randomly pick bookmakers, ask other bettors and evaluate their recommendations. You may also join forums and groups exclusive to NCAAF bettors. This way, you can ask questions and get multiple responses from fellow bettors.

If you are new to NCAAF betting, ask what bookmaker is recommended for newbies. Besides asking around, checking their legal documents to operate is also advisable. You can find certifications or licenses through their website or by asking through their customer service. You can also simply look at the website footer and check if there’s a license number displayed in that section.

Enjoy Small Wins

The NCAAF is one of the most significant sports leagues in the country, and it is just normal to feel pressured about winning big in this market. However, there will consistently be winning and losing seasons. You must accept that this is how sports betting works.

If you win small, do not get discouraged. Small wins in NCAAF betting are still wins, after all. And if you win big, do not get too complacent.

Many new bettors would fall into the trap of betting large amounts to earn hefty payouts. However, this strategy fails for long-term betting. Winning, no matter how big or small, is proof that a specific strategy works. And if you are just starting out, it can be smart to spend little by little to test out strategies until you get a hold of the best approach.

Do not bet on your emotions

Betting on the NCAAF is a long journey. Of course, your target is to see your favorites through the finals. With such a long series of matches, there will be times when you will get overwhelmed with emotions. Just keep in mind that losing is part of any game, especially betting. With experience, you will eventually get used to the feeling of losing, and you won’t have to be impulsive on your succeeding bets after losing plays.

In addition, keep in mind that losing can push you off track to the winning path. So, do your best to avoid snap betting and continuously practice to evaluate your betting decisions.


Everything we have covered in this guide is also the same things that betting pros will most likely tell you. You can master these bankroll management skills by practicing them while you are a newbie, so they will be more like a routine than just short-lived strategies when you start betting big.

5 Betting Tips You Should Learn for College Basketball

Betting on College Basketball

The college basketball season is one of the most profitable sporting events nowadays. With hundreds of teams across 30 conferences, it’s no wonder why many bettors who want to profit flock to bookies whenever the college basketball season starts.

However, for beginners, the dozens of games being played daily can be overwhelming, not to mention the different teams you must research to profit in at least one conference. If you’re one of them, these tips on managing your bets and winning big profits in the NCAA will come in handy. Let’s start.

Create a Plan

Of course, you need to make a plan for NCAAB betting. It’s paramount because a betting plan is the foundation of success, especially in college basketball betting, where it’s complete chaos with just the number of games played daily. The first thing you should consider in college basketball betting is how you want to approach it.

This will include the types of bets you want to make and how much you should wager on each of your bets. Also, this is where you should create your budget. Remember, your budget should only consist of money you’re not afraid to lose. That means you should not spend money you are meant to spend on important things. Being responsible is essential in betting, after all.

Focus on Specific Conferences

It’s impossible to follow all 350 Division I teams by yourself. That’s tons of hours just for research but if you manage to do it, then props to you. But we digress. There is too much information to remember, so if you want to make things easier, why not specialize in a specific conference?

The following conference makes it easier to find betting lines you can exploit. For example, one player got injured in his recent game but is scheduled to play in the next. That means that the team might be at a disadvantage. Of course, since you specialize in that specific conference, you have information that only a few bettors know.

Know How to Utilize Totals

This one goes hand in hand with specializing in a specific conference. Totals are big in college basketball, which means there’s a lot of money to be had if you know how to handicap games yourself. Setting accurate lines is a huge advantage because it gives you tons of value you can bet on. But how do you handicap totals? In handicapping totals, there are several factors that you need to consider looking into like the following:

  • Offensive metrics
  • Injuries
  • Home and road splits
  • Defensive metrics
  • Bench players
  • Travel

If you get the hang of handicapping totals, that alone can get you a huge advantage over bookies since bookies don’t look much into specific matchups. That said, by specializing in a specific conference and learning how to handicap the totals of all the teams, there’s a lot of value to be had in that aspect.

Find Underdog Opportunities

Every bettor dreams about betting on an underdog and being correct, resulting in big winnings. However, the fact of the matter is that underdogs don’t win that often, and if you think an underdog is winning a specific game, the bookie will usually utilize that potential first, resulting in you not taking advantage of it on the opening line.

But for experienced players, this can be possible, especially when you look for trap games. Trap games are when a high-skilled team underestimates the opposing team and loses badly. This usually happens when the team is preparing to play against another high-skilled team in the future or perhaps a rival.

Finding these games requires you to have a keen observation. However, catching it before the bookie sniffs it is important. Usually, when the bookie misses it, betting on the underdog has great value since they expect the favorite to win. So before the bookie realizes their mistake, you have to bet on that opening line on the underdog.

Take Advantage of Promotions

If you’re constantly shopping for odds, make sure that when you bet on a new bookie, you also take advantage of their promotions. Bookies usually give out promotions on new players, so if you want to win even bigger or simply have free stuff like a discount on odds or free money on deposit, make sure to check out the promotions

first before picking a bookie.

Final Words

We’re now in the middle of the college basketball season, which means you still have a lot of time to find betting opportunities and win big this year. That said, if you want to maximize your profits and minimize your losses, you might want to remember the tips we gave you in this article. That said, may lady luck look upon your favor.

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Getting To Know the Top NBA Franchises of All Time

The National Basketball Association has been around since 1949-50; it was created by merging the 3-year-old Basketball Association of America and the 12-year-old National Basketball League. The NBA and its teams have such a rich history; the teams mentioned below have been around for numerous years.

With the training regimens, tradition, game plans, lessons, etc., are passed on from different generations in the NBA teams, the goal is to remain on top. Continue reading to look at what makes these top NBA teams so great.

Boston Celtics
The NBA has been around for years, but one thing remains the same: The Celtics’ position as one of the top NBA teams worldwide. Nothing screams dominance more than the Boston Celtics. Like any team, the Celtics have the occasional lulls, but it doesn’t diminish this team’s net rating and records.

Being one of the most successful franchises in basketball history, this team has won 17 NBA titles. Furthermore, they have held a notable rivalry against the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers since 1949. This rivalry with the Sixers usually has the Celtics with the upper hand, especially since 2014. When looking at the 2023 NBA team odds, you’ll see these teams on the list, as these are some of the top teams in the NBA, especially the Celtics!

Furthermore, the Celtics are known for their great defense in the NBA. You can count on the Celtics to do their best, especially when challenged against other teams that can shake their defense. However, in recent games, the Celtics have proven they’re worth the title of the best defense in the NBA.

Lastly, another great thing about the Celtics is “The Jays.” The dynamic duo of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum is a reason to support this team. This duo provides superb offense and gives the other team’s defense a hard time.

Los Angeles Lakers
As mentioned above, the Los Angeles Lakers are a known rival of the Boston Celtics. It’s one of the greatest rivalries in the NBA. They first encountered each other in 1959 and have met 12 times in the NBA Finals. These two teams dominated the league in the 1960s and 1980s when they faced each other numerous times. These teams are constantly on guard whenever they have to fight against each other.

The Lakers had a 40-38 record last season. Undoubtedly, other teams would have to stay on their A-game with Anthony Davis and LeBron James on the court. Of course, other players like Austin Reaves, Jared Vanderbilt, Lonnie Walker IV, Rui Hachimura, and recent acquisition and former all-star D’angelo Russell make for a dangerous Laker squad eager for another banner.

Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia 76ersAre the Philadelphia 76ers really that good? With players like Georges Niang, Tobias Harris, Shake Milton, Jalen McDaniels, P.J., Tucker, and many more in the mix, this team has no problem taking the title.

As mentioned above, another rival team of the Boston Celtics is the Philadelphia 76ers, and you’ll be glad to know that they had a recent match on May 10, 2023, and the 76ers won! Indeed, this team is explosive, and with the James Harden and Joel Embiid duo, the game can dominate any game.

Furthermore, if the Celtics are known for their defense, their rival is known for their offensive profile. They’ve met the most in the NBA playoffs, where they met for 21 series, where the Celtics won 14 of them. The bad blood between these two teams can be witnessed in their deciding match last May 3, 2002. Two legends dueled in this game, Paul Pierce and Allen Iverson, where fans were on the edge of their seat as they witnessed Pierce drop a 46-point game to end the series.

New York Knicks
The New York Knicks are a known favorite in the United States. They appeared in the NBA playoffs about 44 times. In NBA history, the Knicks won two NBA championships in 1970 and 1973. It produced great players like Patrick Ewing, Willis Reed, and Walt Frazier. Last season, they finished 11th in all of the NBA franchises. But things are looking great this year for the Knicks as they secured the 5th spot in the NBA playoffs.

You can thank their head coach, Tom Thibodeau, for training the team well in offense and defense. This feat wouldn’t be possible without the skills of all-star Julius Randle and another all-star-level scorer in Jalen Brunson.

Final Thoughts
The above-mentioned top NBA teams have been playing basketball most of their lives. They may also have gone through NCAAB. With each team’s rich history, it’s no wonder that the NBA has a lot of fans not just in the US, but from all over the world too.

Are you considering placing your bets on the top teams this season? Luckily, these NBA teams have been around for years. Thus, you can use their past performances as a guide to help you get to know them better. There are also various articles and sportsbooks on the Internet that you can use at your discretion.

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Which Horse Will Claim Victory at Pimlico Race Course?

Preakness Stakes is an annual American thoroughbred racing competition held at Pimlico Racecourse, Baltimore, Maryland, traditionally every third Saturday of May. The inaugural race of the Preakness Stakes took place in 1873 at Gravesend, New York.

To help you determine which horse will prevail in the second leg of the Triple Crown Series, let’s explore the factors affecting the race’s outcome and the leading horse to conquer the upcoming race. 

Factors Affecting Horse Racing Outcomes

Every horseracing event is different. From the official distance and surface to race type, every horseracing competition has unique features and qualities that draw spectators in. However, when it comes to betting on preakness stakes, there are common factors that you have to consider. Check out our guide below to learn more about these factors. 

1. Horse’s Pedigree

Victorious sires bred many promising thoroughbreds out of successful dams. Their parents were decent indications that they could perform well in a specific race. By looking at the sire’s running style, you can tell if the horse can excel on a track. You can also check out further bloodlines like the grandsires and grand dams. 

You can also look at the siblings’ achievements and observe how many starts or wins they have collected throughout their careers. By looking at their siblings’ distance and surface preferences, you can gauge a thoroughbred’s capability to win in an upcoming race. 

2. Jockey Skill and Experience

Many successful jockeys have outstanding experience in different kinds of races. While rookies have the chance to win their first races, jockeys with a long history of racing have better chances of winning. 

Many believe a great jockey can excel in a race when paired with a good horse. Moreover, riders who have ridden a horse multiple times already have a good chance of winning upcoming races since they are familiar with the horse and they have established a strong connection with the horse, resulting in the horse’s increased confidence.

3. Horse’s Health and Fitness

Of course, it’s important to check if the horse you will be backing is conditioned to run in the race. Before any race, the horseracing event’s team would administer a veterinary assessment to evaluate the horses’ suitability to race at the starting gate. 

You can only do so much about this as a spectator since the assessment would be done hours before the race. However, you can check the participating horses’ previous history of injuries and other health issues. Moreover, when horses are paraded in the paddock, try to observe if they are showing signs of anxiety or exhibiting gestures of confidence.  

4. Track Conditions

There are two major tracks to consider when betting: dirt and turf. It’s important to know that track conditions can affect the horses’ speed and overall performance in the race.  Let’s say a good jockey is mounting a horse who has started on wet tracks thrice. 

There’s a strong possibility that the horse will perform well in an upcoming race held on a wet track. However, this shouldn’t be taken solely at face value. Other than the track condition, check the race distance and class and see if the horse could win the race considering these factors. 

5. Weather

The weather condition highly influences the results of any horseracing event. When the rain pours during the race day, expect the ground to be all mushy and wet. This could result in mud flying off the hooves in the frontrunners, making it harder for horses to remain focused on the track due to visibility issues. When it’s humid, dirt tracks would be dry and solid, making it easier for horses to run. 

However, horses are also vulnerable to hot weather, given their heavy body and reliance on sweating to cool down. The wind is another factor affecting a horse’s performance in the race. While wind doesn’t affect the track conditions, leading jockeys and horses will have a hard time staying on the front since the wind will be directly blowing on their faces. 

Horses in the 2023 Preakness Stakes

Now that you know the factors that would influence a horse’s performance in the Preakness Stakes let’s look at the leading horses to enter the gate this May 20, 2023, at Pimlico Racecourse. 

1. Mage

Javier Castellano mounted Mage to win the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs last May 6, 2023. In his career three starts, Mage has only one win prior to the 2023 Kentucky Derby. He finished the first leg of the Triple Crown Series with an official time of 2:01.57.

2. First Mission

Trained by Brad Cox, First Mission won the 1 1/16-mile Lexington (G3) at Keeneland last April 15, 2023. He was racing for his owner, Godolphin, LLC. He was sired by Street Sense, the 2006 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile (G1) champion and the 2007  Kentucky Derby (G1) titleholder. 

3. Confidence Game

Along with Mage and First Mission, the dark bay colt Confidence Game is another probable competitor in the 2023 Preakness Stakes. The cold has earned one win in his 2023 campaign through his impressive performance at the $1 million Rebel Stakes at Oaklawn Park. 


As one of the most prestigious horseracing events in the United States, the Preakness Stakes also boasts its list of legendary horseracing champions who made horseracing even more remarkable. The race is just around the corner, and spectators are all hyped up for the big race. We hope that with the guide we have prepared for you, you are ready to choose which horse to support in the 2023 Preakness Stakes.

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6 Proven Tricks to Market an Online Lottery Business

Online lottery is booming and offers excellent investment opportunities to entrepreneurs and investors. However, the online lottery market has grown in size and is also flooded with competitors. This fierce competition is not to be overlooked by online lottery operators and entrepreneurs who are looking to launch an -based online lottery business. They must invest in digital marketing strategies in addition to the software for the online lottery in order to succeed and maintain the business despite the fierce competition. You can increase revenue and sales by creating a marketing plan that is precise and powerful.

Finding or choosing the right strategies is difficult, especially if it’s your first time in the world of digital marketing for an online lottery. So, we decided to share with you the best tips to get started.

How to plan a digital marketing campaign?

Below are essential measures you must undertake to create a successful digital marketing campaign.

Do a Thorough Market and Competitor Research

Market and competitor analysis should always be your starting point. It’s crucial to have a practical and transparent understanding of the lottery market, including its size, emerging trends, and other factors, before proceeding with your marketing tactics. Identifying and comprehending your competitors is also crucial. Finally, you must evaluate the areas where your competitors are succeeding or failing, which will provide you with valuable insights and help you determine the aspects you need to concentrate on to reach your target audience.

Define Your Goals and Objectives

To create a winning marketing strategy, it’s essential to establish your goals and objectives for the digital marketing campaign. Having clear objectives is vital for a successful campaign. You should aim to define at least three to five objectives that you want to achieve. In addition, it is essential to identify the target audience for your digital marketing campaign, the duration of the campaign, how you will measure success, and other key aspects. The more detailed you are at this stage, the better you can execute your digital marketing campaign.

Decide the Budget 

After setting the goals and objectives for your digital marketing campaign, it’s essential to plan out your marketing budget. You don’t want to be too restrictive with your budget, as this can hinder the potential success of your campaign. However, it’s crucial to ensure that you allocate enough resources and funds to implement all necessary strategies effectively. You should evaluate the return on investment (ROI) for each marketing strategy to make informed decisions about where to allocate your budget. By creating a reasonable and effective budget, you can maximize your marketing efforts and achieve your desired results.

Effective Content Strategy 

Creating engaging and valuable content is crucial for any digital marketing campaign. It is important to develop content strategies that are impactful and resonate with your target audience, particularly in the context of an online lottery platform. The content should add value to your marketing efforts and help build brand awareness. By focusing on creating high-quality content, you can better connect with potential customers and increase engagement with your brand.

6 tips to market an online lottery effectively

Here are six marketing tips to help you with your online lotto platform.

Give Great Offers & Bonuses 

Online or off bonuses are the most effective marketing tool for any business. Online lottery operators offer free bonuses in order to attract new players and improve retention rates. Offer different bonuses such as free lottery tickets, sign-up bonuses, first-deposit bonuses, free lotto bets, and welcome bonuses. You can use bonuses to engage and attract players on your online platform.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a proven marketing strategy that has been successful for online lottery businesses. It is important to collect email addresses from potential and current customers via contact forms, registration processes, etc. These addresses can be used to send out newsletters informing people of the latest news and events happening within the lottery sector, your latest promotions, or new games. Consider sending newsletters weekly, daily, or monthly. You will be able to attract and engage players with your platform.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms allow you to share information more effectively and in a way that is interesting. They also help you connect with people around the globe. Around 4.59 billion active users worldwide, including your target audience, use social media. Therefore, social marketing is a must-have for your campaign. This is a cost-effective way to interact with existing and potential customers. On different social media platforms, you can promote your online gambling platform in a variety of ways.

Invest in the latest trends

People are always interested in the latest trends. Investing in new technology and online lottery trends will help you to attract and retain players. The use of cryptocurrency payment, voice-enabled bets, AR-powered lotteries, etc. These are the most popular trends that you can use to attract millions. As a result, you will gain an advantage in the market.

Promote Big Jackpots

Promoting exciting lotteries with big payouts and huge jackpots will help you to increase participation and attract more players. These huge lotteries are always sought after by players who want to win big prizes. To maximize engagement, make sure that your platform has all the most impressive jackpots and lotteries.

Create and promote engaging videos

Around 91% of companies today use video to promote their products and services. Video content that is interesting engages potential audiences better than long articles or blog posts. Therefore, investing in video marketing is a must. For example, you can create promotional and educational videos for your online lotto platform. This will allow potential customers to understand your platform and offerings and encourage them to make quick choices.

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5 College Hoops Betting Tips To Try In 2023

College basketball is one of the most popular sports in America. It has been around for decades, and it’s easy to see why. The action is faster-paced, and there’s more scoring and game-to-game uncertainty.

Moreover, countless betting opportunities during each game can make or break your night! The upsets, buzzers-beaters, and rivalries are just some of the reasons why college basketball is a fun sport to bet on.

However, new bettors can get overwhelmed with all the information out there. Don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of five tips that will help you be more successful when betting on college hoops.

Start With Averages

Start with averages to get a rough idea of a team’s performance. For example, you can look at the average points per game a team scores and the average points allowed by that team. You can also check out the margin of victory or defeat for each game and how many games are won or lost by a particular team.

Using averages as your starting point is helpful because it allows you to quickly get an idea of how good (or bad) a team has been over time. You can then make adjustments based on other factors like injuries, schedule difficulty, and coaching changes that could affect your analysis of those numbers in future seasons.

Use Team History to Your Advantage

One of the best ways to gain an edge in college basketball betting is using team history to your advantage. Knowing the type of team that you’re betting on can help you find trends that favor one or the other.

Teams with winning records are more likely to continue their success, while teams with losing records tend to regress toward the mean. For example, if a team has won 10 games in a row, they have proven they have what it takes to win against good competition. Therefore, it would make sense for them to win and cover the spread in their next game.

A common mistake among novice bettors who are new at college basketball betting is that they’ll bet against teams like Duke or Kansas. It’s because they don’t feel confident enough about their ability as knowledgeable fans of college basketball (or maybe even just sports in general). However, these schools have great traditions and strong coaching staff, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider betting on them when making your selections!

Keep Up-to-Date

Staying informed and updated is one of the most important factors in any type of sports betting. To succeed at picking winners, you need to be aware of what’s happening around the league and keep up with injuries that could affect teams’ performances.

Whether you’re into simple wagers or prefer sure bets, sports betting information sites are a great tool for learning about the ins and outs of betting on college basketball. These sites provide daily news updates, so they’re always up-to-date with any relevant injury reports or changes in lineups.

Not only do they provide detailed information on each team’s stats and recent performance, but sports betting information sites also offer free picks, odds, analysis, and more. Plus, they provide helpful advice so that experts inform your bets in the field.

Watch the Games

Watching the games is the best way to get a feel for how the players and teams perform. You can see how they play on the court, and if you’re paying attention, you’ll also see how they interact with each other and other participants involved in the game.

If there’s an altercation between a player and a referee (or any other person), you’ll be able to pick up on it right away due to your knowledge of what has happened before in similar situations. This will help you decide whether or not it’s worth taking advantage of these types of bets in future betting opportunities.

Don’t forget to watch the early games during conference play because they offer valuable insight into future matchups against teams in similar conferences or divisions. If a team wins an early game against a tough opponent, then it could be their kryptonite in the postseason when they meet again later on down the road!

Look for Trends

Look for trends when making college basketball picks. They can tell you what types of teams are likely to win more often than not against each other. The only exception would be if something changed drastically between now and then. For example, if Duke lost their best player, it would throw off its trend entirely. Hence, remember not to base your decision purely based on past results alone.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot that goes into betting on college hoops, and there are many different strategies to choose from. However, one thing remains constant: your knowledge of the game and your ability to analyze each team and matchup can help you get the most out of your bets.

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The Value of a Search Function

When placing a sure bet or arbing, time is of the essence. Imagine you found a juicy 10% arb opportunity on a draw no bet line between Man City and Liverpool. You know there’s a lot of action on this game. So, betting lines can move pretty quickly. Speed is imperative to place your sure bet. A popular contest is easy to find at the bookie. But, what happens if the juicy 10% sure bet is in a little lesser known sport or a sport with a lot of games like ncaa college basketball?

Take ncaa college basketball as an example. On any given Saturday in the winter, there could be a 100 or more teams playing. If a sure bet pops up, speed is still very important to place your sure bet. The faster you can find the match. The quicker you can place your sure bet. But, with so many games finding the match quickly could be a challenge. As an added bonus, ncaa basketball is a popular sport to bet on. So, your arbing on ncaa basketball usually doesn’t lead to a punter getting gubbed.

How to Place a Sure Bet Quickly?

Some arbs at BetSlayer have an add to betslip feature which will take you directly to the match. If that’s not available, a search function at the bookies is a very powerful tool. A search function allows you to find the surebet quickly and efficiently. Many good arbers will copy the team name presented in the sure bet. This allows for a quick paste within the search function at the bookie. The faster you go the better chance for a successful sure bet.

Here’s an example of an ncaa basketball sure bet.

Syracuse U. Win 1.4 at William Hill
Lehigh U. Win 5.0 at UniBet

Different Betting Sites

Both UniBet and William Hill (Caesar’s for the U.S. arbers) have good search functions. After seeing this sure bet on BetSlayer, you quickly copy the word Lehigh and go to UniBet. Do a paste and you will be presented with the event. Now, do the same at William Hill. You can still use Lehigh as your search. It will bring you to the right event at William Hill. Now, make sure the odds at the bookies are the same as on the sure bet in BetSlayer and place your bet. As a reminder, BetSlayer shows you how much to place at each bookie based on the overall amount you want to wager.

For the Sure bet above and a £100 wager. You would place.

Syracuse £78 returns £109.2
Lehigh £22 returns £110

This sure bet would produce a 10% return if Lehigh wins and 9.2% if Syracuse wins. We always recommend using whole £ when making your sure bet.

There are other ways to placing sure bets quickly, like receiving a WhatsApp notification when new sure bets are identified. See the WhatsApp blog article to learn more or check out the Exclusive plan at BetSlayer.

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