How to never get limited by the
bookies (Arbitrage Betting)

In this post I will go over the 15-steps to never getting limited by the bookmakers ever again. Follow this closely and you'll have risk-free profits from arbitrage betting for years.

  • Avoid long-term arbs - events that will happen or end in more than a week.
  • Load your deposits steadily ie. Don’t deposit hundreds and hundreds of pounds in one go.
  • Do not withdraw 100% of your funds immediately after a bet settles.
  • Have a static IP ie. Don’t login on your mates laptop.
  • Keep stakes well below betting limits, below £100 is a good place to start.
  • Don’t bet on Arbs that have over 10% ROI. This is because it could indicate a palpable error which would mean your bet gets rejected.
  • Don’t bet all the time on obscure markets like Russian Premier League or challenger tennis.
  • Keep track of which bookies you are winning money with, and which you are losing with in a spreadsheet. Consider mug betting a small percentage of winnings with the losing bookmaker to keep them happy.
  • Stake whole numbers (£55, not £53,37)
  • Avoid unusual patterns like betting at 2AM at night, in general it’s best to mix it up and bet on lots of events and markets.
  • Don’t use same username at every bookmaker to avoid being tracked.
  • Don’t withdraw all your funds in one go and in general don’t withdraw unless you need to.
  • Small stakes trading. This will eliminate the biggest problem which creates all the other problems, and that is inexperience. If you start trading with small stakes, you will gain experience and any error from your side won't bring you a major loss. Ie. opening bookies window next to each other before locking in a bet and making sure the market is still available before betting.
  • Use an e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller - You need to be able to move funds from each Arbing bookmakers quickly and if you use any other method it takes 3-5 days rather than 12-24 hours, this makes things far less frustrating!
  • Never place 2 bets on a single event on the same bookmaker ie. Loss & draw on one bookie & win on the other.

So now you know how to never get limited by the bookies, comment below if you have any questions!

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