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Happy Threesday

As reminder, play responsibly, never chase your bets and seek help if you feel like you have a problem.

Hello BetSlayers.  In today’s video, I want to highlight one of my favorite bets from Draftkings.  The Threesday.  The Threesday is a great and fun opportunity to hit a big return with little risk.

The Threesday promotion revolves around the player who makes the first three pointer in their NBA game.  While as a stand alone bet, I probably would never play a first three pointer made.  I find it too random.  But, a Threesday promotion allows you to earn a free bet in the game up to your original play.

Let’s dive into the details.

Of course, log into your Draftkings account.  The first thing I do is check out the rewards section and click on the “Promos”.    I scroll through the different promos.  Some I will play later, but the Threesday caught my eye.  

Let’s look at the details.  Any NBA game on 2/8,  bet is up to $25.  Here’s the great part.  If I win or lose the first three pointer bet, Draftkings will still give me a bonus bet equal to $1 for every three pointer made in that game up to $25.  To me this is great.  I get a free chance at hitting a bet and a bonus bet as much as $25.  If I lose, I get a bonus that’s most likely $25.

Next, I opt into the promotion and it takes me to the first three pointers for all games on Feb. 8th.  There are a variety of games to choose from.  But, for today’s Threesday, I’m going to the Suns – Jazz game.  I like Kevin Durant as a good three point shooter and at +600 odds seems like its worth it.  So, I place my bet on Durant where if Durant makes the first three pointer in that game I will win $150 on a $25 bet.  But, the great part here is that win or lose the Durant bet, I will still receive a bonus bet for the number of three pointers made in the game up to $25.  

Let’s go Kevin Durant!

Check out the video below where I walk you through this process at Draftkings.

Happy Threesday

I hope you enjoy these tips on maximizing your return at the bookies.  Remember gambling is supposed to be fun.  Always play responsibly.  Never get in over your head or bet money you aren’t willing to lose.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

Keep coming back to BetSlayer as we will have more videos.